Mechanical Rides

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Three stories tall, the launching platform towers over other midway amusements while our expert staff keeps the action moving and festival-goers grooving. Dollar for dollar, nothing else will make ‘em holler like this Tarzan-tested, urban jungle of midway madness.

Everyone says Amanzi is amazing, but this time we may have gone too far, 180 ft. too far. We’ve always been driven to be Texas’ premier party rental company, and now we can even leap tall buildings in a single bound, at least the ones up to three stories anyway, with our new Azounding Mobile Zip Line.

Perfect for an intimate indoor brunch at Lakewood Church or placing the angel atop the Galleria Christmas tree faster than a dancing sugar plum fairy. Nothing else makes large-scale event planners sing halleluiah like when they see the Amanzi trucks come marching in with two tons of high-flying fun.

Our seasoned, courteous crew will load them in two by two for a one of a kind rocket ride to the other side. A little old lady from Pasadena once asked how it’s supposed to stop, and we replied, “Every time, we hope. If not, how fast can you pray?” For some odd reason, she chose not to ride that day. We were only joking of course, with our patent-pending braking system, Auto-Retract, the line slows safely to a stop, drops the terrified passenger off and returns automatically to the other side like a well-trained carrier pigeon with an extremely bad attitude.

“Ride of the Year,” you should have no fear (okay, maybe just a little) of these OSHA and ASTM certified 30” stairs. It’s the surest way to a heavenly send-off for your next major event, at least one with a return ticket guaranteed. (Not suitable for most funerals, last arrangements are about the only ones we can’t make. Otherwise give Amanzi a call, where the fun almost never ends.)