How did Amanzi start?

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Our mission

We create delight and entertainment for people of all ages.

Our vision

By the year 2025 we will have created 5 million smiling faces and a company that delivers fun and delight and be the first name everyone thinks of when they plan their special event.

Our guiding core values

Personal growth

  • Meaning: To consistently and continuously improve in all areas through skill development, goal achievement and everyday effort to be better than yesterday.

  • Actions: Learn from and reflect on personal experience, set attainable goals, make necessary changes and approach diversity with reason.

  • Accountability: Work as a team to help others improve/learn to provide opportunities and to plan for the future.

Independence and resourcefulness

  • Meaning: Taking initiative and responsibility for oneself.

  • Actions: By learning to work effectively and efficiently.

  • Accountability: Adhering to definitive responsibilities and expectations while still working to improve.


  • Meaning: The people in your life who you care about most are there no matter the circumstances.

  • Actions: Do whatever it takes to support, help and care for them. Being a dependable figure for them.

  • Accountability: Remaining dependable and focused even when busy and stressed out. Keeping priorities straight.


  • Meaning: Enjoying life away from stressors by relaxing and having a good time.

  • Actions: Occasionally unplug and make an effort to attend a social event or a favorite event.

  • Accountability: Set a schedule or build a routine which makes time for and encourages enjoyable activities.


  • Meaning: Showing responsibility and that you value others time.

  • Actions: By showing up 5 minutes early and being ready to work with a positive attitude.

  • Accountability: Incentives for punctuality in workers’ appreciation for those working hard and doing well rather than only punishing those who don’t.


  • Meaning: Equipment is maintained and operated at the highest standards to ensure no operator or rider is injured in any way.

  • Actions: At every event do a walk through of all setup equipment to ensure it is set up properly.  Monitor wear and tear and send items that need replacing or repairing to management.  Do yearly replacement of parts to ensure a full year of operation.

  • Accountability: Have checklists that employees work through and turn in to management to ensure all areas have been inspected.




Austin Location:

1101 Regal Row, Austin, TX, 78748

Houston Location

14925 E Hampton Cir, Missouri City, TX 77489

San Antonio Location:

1533 Austin Hwy Unit 102, San Antonio, TX, 78218

Dallas Location:

2204 Hinton Dr, Irving, TX, 75061