Elevate Your university Events with Amanzi

Amanzi  takes immense pleasure in offering an array of exciting attractions tailored for universities across the vibrant cities of Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. 

Our commitment extends beyond traditional entertainment – we strive to create unforgettable experiences for college students throughout Texas. As a full-service company, we understand the complexities of event planning, and we are dedicated to alleviating the stress from the hands of organizers. We take pride in being a trusted provider, offering comprehensive services that cover everything from interactive amusements to logistical details. 

Our team is enthusiastic about traveling across the region to bring delight and entertainment to university campuses, fostering a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere for students. Amanzi  is more than just a party rental service; we are a reliable partner committed to ensuring that university events are stress-free and filled with excitement, allowing organizers to focus on creating memorable moments for their students.

College Football

Experience the ultimate pre-game excitement with a vibrant tailgate party before a college football game. Immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere filled with fun activities that set the perfect tone for the upcoming match.

Student Orientation

Student orientations at Universities often include a mix of informative sessions and fun activities to help incoming students acclimate to their new environment and build connections with their peers. Here are some fun things that are commonly included in college student orientations.

40 Acre Fest at UT

Welcome to the University of Texas’s grand celebration—the 40 Acre Fest! This iconic event transforms the campus into a bustling festival ground, spanning 40 acres of excitement, music, and a myriad of activities. At the heart of this grand affair are mechanical rides and inflatables that add an extra layer of thrill and joy to the festivities.


Get ready for an electrifying College Football Homecoming Celebration that transcends the game itself, featuring a dynamic fusion of spirited competition, thrilling rides, and playful inflatables. The campus buzzes with excitement as alumni, students, and fans come together for a day of joyous festivities.


Dive into the spirited world of University Tailgate Parties, where camaraderie, team spirit, and a touch of competitive fun converge to create an unforgettable pre-game celebration. Picture a lively scene in the parking lots surrounding the stadium, with students, alumni, and fans donning team colors, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

Club Events

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of University Club Events, where academic pursuits meet leisure in an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement. These events, adorned with an array of games and vibrant inflatables, become the heartbeat of campus life—a space where students can unwind, forge connections, and create lasting memories.


Gear up for an epic Fraternity Party that transcends the ordinary, featuring the perfect blend of adrenaline-pumping excitement and refreshing aquatic thrills. Imagine a lively scene where fraternity brothers and guests come together for an unforgettable night of revelry.


Step into an enchanting Sorority Party where the atmosphere is infused with both daring excitement and refreshing aquatic delights. Picture a vibrant celebration that brings sorority sisters and guests together for an unforgettable night of spirited fun.

Explore Our amanzi Event Gallery

Browse through our event gallery to see real photos from satisfied customers’ celebrations. These images capture the joy, laughter, and fun that our rentals bring to every event.

Why Choose Amanzi for Your University Event?


With over a decade of experience, we have a proven track record of delivering successful events. Our team knows what it takes to create a memorable experience for your attendees.

Diverse Inventory

From eye-catching Ferris Wheels and thrilling mechanical bulls to photo booths and interactive games, our extensive inventory offers a variety of options to suit your event’s theme and size.


We take pride in our professionalism and commitment to excellence. Our reliable team ensures that your rentals are delivered and set up on time, allowing you to focus on your event.


We work closely with you to customize your event, incorporating your branding and specific requirements. Our goal is to make your event uniquely yours.

How to Book University Rentals

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated team to discuss your event’s needs, goals, and budget.

  2. Customize Your Experience: Work with our event planning experts to select the rentals that best align with your event objectives.

  3. Receive a Quote: We’ll provide you with a detailed quote outlining the rental costs and any additional services you may require.

  4. Delivery and Setup: Our professional team will ensure that all rentals are delivered and set up on time, allowing you to focus on your event’s success.

  5. Enjoy the Experience: With Amanzi by your side, you can relax and enjoy your event while we handle the entertainment and logistics.

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What People say about us

"Amanzi made our corporate event a huge success! Their attention to detail, reliability, and outstanding equipment set them apart. We look forward to working with them again."

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Frank Hicks

"As a university event planner, I rely on Amanzi for all our campus celebrations. Their range of equipment is unmatched, and their team is a pleasure to work with. They've become our go-to partner for creating unforgettable experiences."

Henry Stevens

"I can't thank Amanzi enough for making my son's birthday party a hit! The kids had a blast on the waterslide, and the process was so easy with their online reservation system. Highly recommended!"

Judy Curtis

"The Amanzi experience truly lives up to its name. They brought the 'wow factor' to our annual neighborhood block party. The mechanical bull was a big hit, and the team ensured everything ran smoothly. We can't wait to book again!"

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Roger Burke
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Speedy Booking, Instant Excitement

With our user-friendly online reservation system, you can have the equipment you need at your fingertips within minutes. Simply enter your event details, and our real-time availability and pricing will be instantly displayed. Add your desired items to the cart, fill out a short form, and voilà – your reservation is confirmed! Experience the thrill of instant excitement as you secure the perfect rentals for your event, effortlessly and efficiently.