Amanzi Party Rentals offers an exciting array of sports and parlor games for rent, perfect for adding entertainment and excitement to any gathering. Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue, a corporate team-building event, or a birthday party, Amanzi has the perfect selection of games to keep your guests engaged and having a blast.

Imagine turning your event space into a friendly competition zone, with games like cornhole, giant Jenga, and ladder toss set up for all to enjoy. Amanzi provides a wide variety of sports and parlor games, suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. From classic favorites to modern twists on traditional games, there’s something for everyone in their diverse inventory.

One of the great benefits of renting from Amanzi is the convenience they offer. Instead of spending time and effort sourcing and setting up games yourself, Amanzi takes care of everything from delivery to setup and pickup. Their professional team ensures that all equipment is in top condition and ready to go, so you can focus on enjoying your event.

In addition to traditional sports and parlor games, Amanzi also offers unique attractions like inflatable bouncy castles, sumo wrestling suits, and human-sized hamster balls, adding an extra element of fun and excitement to your event. These larger-than-life attractions are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages and create unforgettable memories.

Renting sports and parlor games from Amanzi is not only convenient but also cost-effective. With flexible rental packages and competitive pricing, Amanzi makes it easy to stay within your budget while still providing top-quality entertainment for your guests.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large-scale event, Amanzi Party Rentals has the perfect selection of sports and parlor games to suit your needs. With their commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction, they’re the ultimate choice for adding a touch of fun and excitement to any occasion. Trust Amanzi to help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests that will leave them talking about your event for years to come.

Services Offered

Amanzi Party Rentals provides everything you need for an action-packed sports or parlor game experience at your party. From setting up thrilling water slides to arranging engaging board games, they handle it all to bring fun right to your doorstep.

Rental of sports equipment and parlor games

Make your party unforgettable by providing a wide range of sports and party games. From classic board games that test your brain to exciting outdoor sports equipment, there’s something for everyone’s taste in entertainment.

Whether your guests love solving puzzles with word games or enjoy physical activities like playing table tennis, everything needed to keep the whole party entertained is available.

The collection includes popular choices such as Charades and Blind Man’s Buff, perfect for adding laughter and joy to any event. For those looking for more active fun, there are options for traditional sports like football as well as creative activities like water balloon fights.

The team ensures every item is delivered on time, set up correctly, and helps create memorable moments at your celebration. Hosting a lively and entertaining party has never been simpler.

Delivery and setup services

When you choose our services, your sports games and parlor equipment rentals will arrive on time and be set up properly for your entire party. Our team handles all the heavy lifting, from delivering your chosen items directly to the event location to setting everything up.

This means you won’t have any stress or worry about how to transport that large water slide or interactive game. We take care of it all so that by the time guests arrive, everything is ready for action.

Once the celebration winds down, our experienced professionals will also manage the dismantling and removal of all equipment. This service allows hosts to focus on enjoying their event without worrying about post-party cleanup tasks.

Whether it’s a hula hoop contest at a backyard birthday bash or table tennis matches during a corporate gathering, we make sure every piece of equipment gets back safely and efficiently, leaving spaces exactly as we found them—ready for daily life to resume without a hitch.

Equipment setup and dismantling services

Getting your sports equipment and parlor games set up for a party should be easy. The team shows up early to take care of everything from unpacking and setting up, ensuring every ball lands in the right spot or each game piece is ready to go.

They don’t just bring the gear; they bring their knowledge too, making sure activities like table tennis, charades, or whatever interactive fun you’ve picked are good to go as soon as guests step through the door.

When it’s time to call it a night, there’s no need for hosts to stress over cleanup. The very same skilled crew that got everything ready will pack up all the equipment and clear it out, leaving your space exactly how they found it.

This service lets you and your friends fully dive into celebrating without worrying about what comes after, keeping all those moments of victory or landing on home base joyful ones.

Benefits of Using Our Services

Choosing Amanzi Party Rentals brings excitement to your party with an array of sports equipment and parlor games that cater to all ages. Our professional team ensures a seamless experience, from delivery to setup, making your event’s entertainment smooth and enjoyable.

Wide variety of options

This business offers an impressive selection of sports equipment and parlor games that meet a wide range of interests. From the energetic excitement of table tennis, with its origins in Victorian England as an after-dinner activity, to the brain-teasing challenges presented by classic parlor games like charades and Blind Man’s Buff, there’s something available for every age group and type of event.

This diversity ensures that guests at corporate events or private parties will find enjoyable activities whether their preference lies in strategic word-play or lively competition.

The collection also celebrates historical sporting traditions by including outdoor activities beloved since the Elizabethan era such as archery and fencing, alongside more modern mechanical rides and interactive games.

Moreover, it keeps alive the spirit of 19th-century American parlors by offering unique party games developed from traditional setups. With options ranging from guessing games to board games, and even those requiring dramatic flair, hosts have everything they need for memorable entertainment experiences right at their fingertips.

Appropriate for all ages and events

Planning a party means ensuring fun for everyone involved, regardless of age. Kids full of energy and adults looking for a touch of nostalgia will find something to enjoy with the variety of sports equipment and parlor games available.

A ball shooting across the table in a game of ping pong triggers laughter and stirs up friendly competition. At the same time, mental challenges found in games like charades excite everyone’s minds.

These activities pull people together, helping them create lasting memories.

The advantage of offering both physical and strategic games is that it makes sure there’s an option for every guest. Picture two teams squared off on opposite sides of the room for a round of charades or individuals demonstrating their agility in sports contests at parties.

Each activity ignites happiness and promotes teamwork among participants. Organizing an event with such varied entertainment options ensures that guests go home with stories to share and smiles on their faces.

Professional and reliable service

They understand how crucial it is to have your sports party equipment and parlor games arrive on time. They ensure every item, from ping pong tables to inflatable water slides, is ready for use as soon as it gets there.

Their crew is swift in setting everything up before any of your guests step in, giving you ample time to concentrate on hosting an exciting game.

Their skills go beyond just delivering; they also handle the teardown and removal after your celebration ends. This method ensures that both setting up and cleaning up are effortless for you.

By focusing on dependability and professionalism, they ensure uninterrupted fun from the first serve at the table tennis match to the last dash across the finish line, making every moment enjoyable for everyone involved.

Enhances entertainment for your event

Choosing us for your event means you’re ready to significantly boost the fun. Our wide range of sports and parlor games adds unique excitement to any gathering, whether it’s a corporate function or a private party.

Expect competitive table tennis matches reminiscent of Victorian England’s post-dinner activities and lively rounds of Charades that spark laughter and friendly competition among guests.

Our selection ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter their age or interests. Picture attendees skillfully striking balls in table tennis or groups coming together for an exhilarating round of Blind Man’s Buff.

Each game we offer promotes interaction, making every moment unforgettable and leaving lasting smiles on everyone’s face long after the celebration ends.

Why Choose Amanzi Party Rentals?

Selecting Amanzi Party Rentals means choosing a partner dedicated to making your event memorable. Their team ensures every ball hits home plate by providing quality equipment and excellent service for all your party needs.

Extensive inventory of quality equipment

Offering a wide variety of sports equipment and parlor games, this service turns any party into an unforgettable event. The selection spans from mechanical rides and water slides to interactive games, filling your occasion with excitement and entertainment.

With offerings that cater to all age groups, every guest is guaranteed a memorable time. The inventory also includes traditional favorites like table tennis, which originated as an after-dinner pastime in Victorian England, alongside classic parlor games such as Charades.

The collection is constantly refreshed with the latest in entertainment gear to ensure your gatherings remain exhilarating. While one team engages in an energetic game of football, another can delve into nostalgic parlor games that test wit and acting skills alike.

Whether it’s setting up a relay race track or organizing a game that gets the ball landing perfectly at home plate, the available equipment ensures seamless fun from beginning to end.

Every item provided is kept in top condition because there’s a strong belief in offering not just enjoyment but safety too.

Experienced and professional team

The team brings years of experience and a professional attitude to every event they handle. With skills honed over time, they ensure your party is memorable, focusing on delivering not just equipment but exceptional service as well.

Their expertise allows them to swiftly navigate any situation that arises, ensuring your event flows smoothly from beginning to end.

These professionals excel in setting up a variety of games and activities. Whether it’s traditional parlor games that challenge the mind with logic and wordplay or more active outdoor sports games, they manage everything efficiently.

Your guests will have everything ready for their enjoyment without delay. Trusting this team means you can spend your time mingling and having fun with your guests while all the logistical details are expertly managed behind the scenes.

On-time delivery and setup

This service guarantees that all sports equipment and parlor games will be at your party exactly when you need them. Their team is dedicated to punctuality, making sure everything arrives right on schedule.

This means you won’t have to stress over delays and can start having fun with your guests as soon as the setup kicks off.

Their experts handle both setting up and taking down the rented items, ensuring each game or piece of equipment is ready for action quickly and safely. You get to immerse yourself in the festivities while they manage all the technical details, providing a seamless experience from beginning to end.

With this service, diving into the fun without any hassle is what you can expect.

Competitive pricing

Understanding that budget is a critical factor in event planning, there’s a focus on offering competitive prices to ensure party planners can add exciting sports and parlor games without overspending.

When hosting an event, the goal is always for guests to have a fantastic time. Achieving this becomes easier with rates that are as approachable as the customer service provided.

Customers discover exceptional value when choosing these rental services. With a blend of high-quality equipment, punctual delivery, and dependable setup services, they deliver cost-effective solutions for unforgettable parties.

The commitment extends beyond just providing a diverse selection of games; there’s a dedicated effort to make each occasion special while respecting budget limitations. This strategy aids in creating memorable moments without the worry of exceeding financial limits.


1. What makes a game a great game?

A great game is one that gets everyone involved, whether it’s in sports where teams compete to win, or parlor games where each person takes their turn. It should be fun and keep players engaged from start to finish.

2. How does the first team start in these games?

In most sports and parlor games, the first team starts by having the first person take their action, like throwing a ball or drawing a card. This sets off the game and then it moves on to the next person in line.

3. Can you explain how turns work in these games?

Sure! After the first person takes their turn, they pass it onto the next person or other team member following them in a straight line order. This keeps going until every player has had their chance to participate.

4. Is there any strategy involved when playing as the third person or last on a team?

Yes! Being the third person or last can be strategic because you’ve seen what others have done before you and can plan your move accordingly. Whether trying to score against another team or deciding your play in a parlor game, your position can offer unique advantages.