Big Splash Water Slide (22’L X 13’W X 14’H)

Big Splash Water Slide (22'L X 13'W X 14'H)
Big Splash Water Slide (22'L X 13'W X 14'H)

The Lil Splash Waterslide is a fantastic waterslide for any event or party.  Designed with bright blue, green and yellow, it matches any party theme.  The rider climbs to the top of this 12 feet high waterslide and slides down into a splash pool below.  Designed with the rider in mind, the no-jump top makes for a safe and secure waterslide with the rider in mind.

This waterslide is perfect for any front or back yard party.  It is 22 feet long, 14 feet wide and 12 feet tall.

This kind of childrens entertainment is always a big hit with corporate events and parties, family reunions and block parties. Reserving a water slide will ensure professional service and a great time at your next party or special rental event.

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