Misting Fan Rentals

Misting Fan Rentals
Misting Fan Rentals

Our portable Maxx Air misting fan is a great way to keep cool in the hot Texas sun. The outdoor misting fan is great for sports events, picnics and other outdoor events in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and Dallas.. 


The misting fan can be used as just a fan or you can turn on the misting function and greatly increase the cooling effect. Many misting fans get you wet if you are in them for to long but this outdoor misting fan is made so that you can stand in the mist without getting soaked. Outdoor misting fans are one of the best ways to cool down during an event. They are used by many sporting teams to cool down the players while they are on the sidelines.

Our 30 inch adjustable misting fan is an innovative new misting system that provides indoor and outdoor cooling, making it perfect for patio and backyard misting, athletic events, barn and equestrian use, entertainment venues and any other outdoor or indoor cooling you may need. 


Enjoy an all-day mist with 12 hours of run time on a single fill of the 40 gal. tank, or use it in fan-only mode for instances where mist isn’t desirable. 


Misting reaches 20 feet out, and spreads in a cone-like fashion up to 14 feet in diameter.


Comes without water – customer MUST have water source to be filled on site



Requires (1) 20A/110V electrical outlet

Unit Size: 76″ tall

Does not Oscillate

Circulation:  Moves up to 3,500 CFM on high

Usage:  Indoor/Outdoor

Safety:  OSHA compliant grilles and GFCI plug for worry-free operation


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