Splash Day

Bask in the golden glow of the hot sun and immerse yourself in the ultimate cool-down experience with our Fun Splash Day at school! As the sun beats down, we invite you to revel in the refreshing embrace of water slides, turning the scorching day into a splash-tastic celebration.

  • Sun-Kissed Soiree: Picture a school campus transformed into a sun-kissed oasis. The vibrant hues of summer surround you as the sun radiates warmth, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable splash day.
  • Water Slides Extravaganza: Escape the heat and take the plunge into an exhilarating Water Slides Extravaganza! Towering slides, winding chutes, and splash pools await, promising a thrilling descent into refreshing coolness. It’s not just a descent; it’s a journey through cascading joy.
  • Slippery Slopes and Splash Zones: Navigate slippery slopes and splash zones that add an extra layer of excitement. Whether you’re slipping and sliding or enjoying a playful splash with friends, every corner of the campus becomes a water-filled adventure.
  • Cooling Stations and Misting Tents: Take a break from the water play at our cooling stations and misting tents. These shaded havens provide a moment of respite, allowing you to recharge and beat the heat before diving back into the watery thrills.


As the hot sun blazes overhead, a Fun Splash Day at school is a cool haven where every splash, slide, and laugh contributes to a day filled with unforgettable memories. Join Amanzi for a day of watery escapades that turn the heat into an opportunity for refreshing fun!

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