Student Orientation

Student orientations at Universities often include a mix of informative sessions and fun activities to help incoming students acclimate to their new environment and build connections with their peers. Here are some fun things that are commonly included in college student orientations:

  • Icebreaker Games: Fun and interactive icebreaker games are a great way for students to get to know each other. These games help break the initial awkwardness and create a positive and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Campus Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt across campus to familiarize students with important locations, landmarks, and resources. It’s an engaging way to explore the campus. 
  • Welcome Socials: Host welcome social events where students can mingle, enjoy refreshments, and connect with each other. These events provide a casual setting for making new friends. 
  • Themed Parties: Organize themed parties or mixers to add an element of fun. Themes could range from retro parties to costume events, fostering creativity and a relaxed environment. 
  • Student Performances: Showcase talents within the student body by arranging performances such as music, dance, or drama. It’s a great way for students to express themselves and be entertained. 
  • Outdoor Activities: Plan outdoor activities like a picnic, sports tournaments, or team-building exercises. Outdoor events encourage physical activity and provide a break from traditional orientation sessions. 
  • Movie Night: Host a movie night where students can relax, enjoy a film together, and unwind after a day of orientation activities. This can be held indoors or outdoors, weather permitting.  
  • Student Club Fair: Introduce incoming students to the various student clubs and organizations on campus. Host a club fair where representatives showcase their groups and encourage new members to join. 
  • Live Entertainment: Bring in live entertainment, such as comedians, magicians, or local bands, to add an element of excitement and variety to the orientation program. 
  • DIY Workshops: Organize do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops where students can engage in creative activities like crafting, painting, or making personalized items. It’s a way to unwind and express creativity. 
  • Food Tasting Event: Arrange a food tasting event featuring local cuisine or diverse options from around the world. It’s a delicious way for students to explore different flavors and culinary traditions. 
  • Photo Booths: Set up photo booths with props and backdrops for students to take fun and memorable pictures. These photos can serve as keepsakes from their orientation experience.


Amanzi enjoys bringing the fun to encourage team building and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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