Mechanical bull rentals for festivals

Test your riding skills and prove yourself on the safest mechanical bulls around.  Our mechanical bulls are made with soft heads and removable horns that prevent injury.  The bulls are inspected before each event to ensure they are operating to their maximum abiility.  We take no short cuts when it comes to our bulls. 

We operate the mechanical bulls at all kinds of events from project graduations, schools, church festivals, corporate events and even frat parties.  These are perfect opportunities for a fun activity for guests of all ages to try to stay on the mechanical bull for those elusive 8 seconds.  The good news is, we can control the bull for the least experienced rider to professional bull riders and everyone in between.  Our job is to bring you a fun, safe and rewarding experience that makes you want to compete with yourself and others. 

We setup our bulls in hotels, school parking lots, backyards and any other place you can think of.  We love to bring the mechanical bull to festivals and large group events.  The fun atmosphere makes the crowds and riders have a great time.  Everyone cheers on the riders and waits for their turn.  Running times are displayed for all to see and to try to out do each other.  It is a great time to meet new friends and compete with old ones. 

We make sure our attendants are fully trained and experienced with all ages of riders.  It is as important to us as it is to all riders that the ride is as safe as possible.  Children to adults will find a safe and exciting ride every time.

Mechanical bull rentals


mechanical bull

Meet Quesero the Texas Terror, Austin’s # 1 mechanical menace. We tried to get him some help, but he’s just mean. That’s why he comes with a padded circular cell, the same way we keep this ego-bruiser at home. We were told he was raised by two little old ladies in a Leander china shop, and we’re beginning to believe it.

For some reason we don’t fully understand, he seems to like children. But as far as the rest of us go, let’s just say that’s why he comes with a handler.


mechanical bulldog

Meet T-Rex McTex, one of Amanzi’s amazing menagerie of mechanical animal rides. His dogged determination for rip-romping, bone-chomping fun is the perfect live-action amusement ride for making your next big event unforgettable. Due to his sometimes disagreeable nature, he comes with a professional handler who can restrain or unchain the beast for all-ages amusement. Never to be outdone, he’s a star attraction wherever he goes. A pedigreed party animal, T-Rex always wins best of show. 



redneck wipeout games

“Swamp support, may I help you?” The line will always be busy in this hilarious hillbilly multi-player midway action game. “Gator bait? Please wait.” Log jams of laughter will be had when you give Amanzi a call for the Redneck Wipe-Out Games. Perfect for trailer park ho-downs, shotgun weddings, and fish-fry fundraisers, this mechanical carnival amusement will have them in stitches when the nearest doctor is way over in the next holler. Give us a shout before the mill’s buzz saw takes your next party out.