Fall festivals for schools and churches

Fall Festivals, School Carnivals and School Fundraisers are successful ways for a school to raise money and have a fun family event for the community.  Keeping in mind amusement for all ages, Amanzi Party Rentals has inflatable games and mechanical rides to fit your needs.

When working with large crowds, you may want to consider multiple inflatables to keep the crowd entertained.  The variety of rides will keep everyone happy and staying at the event even longer.  Amanzi Party Rentals has many suggestions for all ages.

If you are holding a fall festival, consider multiple moonwalks, slides, obstacle courses as well as concession equipment from Popcorn, Snowcone and Cotton Candy machines.  Amanzi Party Rentals has a variety of sizes and options to choose from.

School Carnivals are great for raising money for the school and bringing the community together.  Amanzi Party Rentals offers, photo booths, mechanical bulls, eurobungies and the only mobile zip line in Central Texas.  Along with inflatable games, Amanzi Party Rentals has all the equipment necessary for a very successful event.

School Fundraisers are best suited for carnival games as well as rides.  Basketball shoot outs, baseball games, kiddie strikers, sack races, tug of war and inflatable units like the Vertical Rush, 60’ obstacle courses and moonwalks will give the event a fun atmosphere and keep a variety of people entertained.

If you are looking for experienced staff to run your games, Amanzi Party Rentals can provide that too.  We can ensure the safety of the riders while parents can relax and enjoy the event.

Hundreds of combinations can come together for a very successful event.  Call Amanzi Party Rentals for ideas, pricing and reservations.



180' mobile zip line and 28' tall

Arguably Amanzi’s most amazing mechanical ride, the 180’ Mobile Zip Line is Formula One fun for X Games Austin or any other large event in need of maximum speed and 5-Star wow factor.  


mechanical bull

Meet Quesero the Texas Terror, Austin’s # 1 mechanical menace. We tried to get him some help, but he’s just mean. That’s why he comes with a padded circular cell, the same way we keep this ego-bruiser at home. We were told he was raised by two little old ladies in a Leander china shop, and we’re beginning to believe it.

For some reason we don’t fully understand, he seems to like children. But as far as the rest of us go, let’s just say that’s why he comes with a handler.


eurobungy trampoline

The Eurobungy Trampoline Quad Jump Austin is here, and it’s a trip into space like none other. This 4 person mechanical midway ride is one of Amanzi’s most popular amusements for street festivals, civic events and carnivals. What could be more exhilarating than soaring 20 feet in the air, flipping, turning and twisting? Landing safely, our trained staff will ensure properly fitted harnesses, well maintained bungee ropes and pulleys for an unforgettable experience.

photo booth rentals

Amanzi Party Rentals is proud to now offer video photo booth rentals in the Austin and San Antonio Texas areas.  We offer the most advanced equipment at the most affordable rates.  We service the Central Texas area.


Halloween pumpkin moonwalk (16'L X 19'W X 15'H)



Get the party started with our fun halloween themed moonwalk for your creepy-cool Halloween parties.  If you're looking for Halloween party decorations to make in a flash, you'll love our new halloween themed bounce house.

60' Wacky Millenium obstacle course (60'L X 14'W X 17'H)

The 60' Wacky Obstacle Course provides an extra 20 feet of action to our inflatable obstacle course equipment list. More slides, walls and inflatable obstacles to weave in and out of, will provide even more guests to get in the action. Perfect for corporate events, school carnivals and festivals. Book today to get the date you want


joust (21'L X 26'W X 4'H)

The Pedestal Joust inflatable game offers plenty of straight-up jousting, our just jumping and carousing at your next event. Secure safety walls and added protection that only comes with an inflatable game. Players can challenge each other as they each climb up onto their own pedestal, using oversized inflatable joust poles to try and knock one another to the game floor. With an eye-catching red, blue, and yellow color scheme, this inflatable jousting game will attract attention and keep guests lined up to get their shot at pretending to be an iron-clad jousting knight.


velcro wall (21'L X 13'W X 12'H)

The original Sticky Wall from Amanzi Party Rentals will have your guests talking about your event for days! This inflatable attraction is a giant, oversized Velcro wall. Participants step into a multi-colored, striped sticky suit, which has corresponding Velcro straps, and sprint down the runway. After they get some air with a good bounce, guests will find themselves hanging around on the 13-foot Velcro wall. The suits and the wall are made to hold both adults and children, and offer a great bond experience for parents and their kids.


foam party

You may have heard of foam dance parties on college campuses but they are becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional backyard foam party and birthday party. If you are planning a festival or carnival, a foam pit area draws tremendous crowds. It is a nice alternative to the traditional inflatable equipment.


Vertical Rush obstacle course (28'L x 18'W x 22'H)

This NEW exciting double lane inflatable attraction is triple the fun! Two participants challenge each other while they climb through the obstacle course, climb up the rock wall and slide down this incredible 21' GIANT SLIDE to the finish! GAME ON! Great for any carnival or big event. This unit is 24 feet tall!!!

20' X 20' frame tent

Backyard parties are an economical way to celebrate life's special events. Party tents can turn your backyard into party central. Graduations, weddings, engagements, baptisms, anniversaries and birthdays are just some of the celebrations that are shared with friends and family.


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