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Mechanical bull rentals - Texas


Power requirements:  one (1) separate 110V, 25 Amp circuit and one (1) separate 15 Amp circuit.

Setup requirements: Requires 20' x 20' flat set up area

Austin Mechanical Bull rentals have met their match in Quesero, the Texas Terror. There’s nothing amusing about this ego-bruising bovine bad boy. That’s why he comes with a very experienced handler and an inflatable arena. He’s given ‘em hell in Caldwell, slung cowboys around downtown at the Palmer Events Center and proved meaner than a snake in Westlake.

The only thing we’ve found that calms this savage beast is children. A brave little cowboy in Elroy once crawled on Quesero’s back and we thought the mechanical bull would have a heart attack. The kid must’ve been a great horse whisperer or very good bullsh…., well, you get the point. Ever since that day, no matter where we go, children are the only ones he won’t throw. The rest of us should be so lucky.

If you’re looking for something more lame, I mean tame, Amanzi’s Kid’s Mechanical Bull, Angus McRodeo may be the way to go. But for a thrilling ride at Town Lake on Riverside, call Amanzi and ask for Quesero. He’s perfect for pitching guests at fundraisers and giving ‘em the meanest stares at street fairs. Always the center of every midway attraction, he’ll draw a crowd without drawing blood. With Amanzi’s expert staff at the controls, he’s never put anyone in traction or broken any bones.

So pick up those phones and give our event planners a call. Amanzi Party Rentals does it all for large events or small, but if Quesero answers, be afraid, very afraid.



We need dedicated  (1) separate 110V, 25 Amp circuit and one (1) separate 15 Amp circuit.  Our plug looks like this



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