Meltdown Action – X Game

Meltdown Action - X Game
Meltdown Action - X Game
Meltdown Action - X Game

Prove it with this multi-person Meltdown Action-X Game. Fitness and agility or defeat and humility, everyone has inflatable fun with this two-armed man-eating machine.  Eight players compete to see who will be left standing on their pedestal in this variable speed/direction X Game. (Ego repair not included.)

Austin is full of beautiful people, and then there are the rest of us. The inflatable Meltdown Action-X Games level the playing field by knocking 8 players off removable pedestals with its two-tiered arms and variable speeds. Let Amanzi Party Rentals’ trained staff sweep your guests off their feet or exact harmless revenge by cranking up the fun.

Ideal for corporate challenges, college graduation parties and pre-game events, this is the tailgate party that never ends. In the land of shattered dreams, the Action-X Game is filled with screams and reams of laughter. Hot air has finally met its match in a 30’ x 30’ inflatable arena where contestants find out who’s got the right stuff.

Our expert staff will gladly separate the men from the boys without need of boxing gloves or bloodied noses. So strike your poses — jump, duck and move around. Let the hilarity abound as Amanzi delivers a memorable, knock-out party experience (Some reassembly of damaged egos may be required. On-site staffing is not liable for unfulfilled dreams of glory. Amanzi is amazing, but there are some things even we can’t do.)

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