Reading Incentives

Dive into the pages of accomplishment at a Celebration of Reading Achievements—an extraordinary day that combines the joy of literary success with the exhilaration of water slides, thrilling rides, and inflatable fun! This event is a splash of excitement, a cascade of celebration, and a testament to the incredible achievements of your avid readers.

  • Literary Milestones: The celebration begins with a recognition of literary milestones. Students who have excelled in reading achievements are celebrated for their dedication and love for books. Each book read is a stepping stone, and we’re here to applaud every literary journey undertaken.
  • Water Slide Extravaganza: Cool off in a Water Slide Extravaganza that turns the celebration into a watery wonderland. Towering slides, twisting turns, and refreshing pools create a dynamic aquatic playground. It’s not just about the thrill of the slides; it’s a celebration of the fluidity and joy found in the pages of a good book.
  • Inflatable Oasis: Bounce into a world of fun with our Inflatable Oasis. Gigantic inflatables, obstacle courses, and bounce houses transform the landscape into a playful haven. The inflatables provide a buoyant backdrop to celebrate the achievements that have lifted readers to new heights.
  • Games and Prizes: Engage in literary-themed games and challenges that mirror the joy of reading. Participants have the chance to win exciting prizes, adding an element of friendly competition to the festivities.


The Celebration of Reading Achievements on water slides, rides, and inflatables is a day of literary triumphs, aquatic adventures, and joyous festivities. It’s a recognition of the wonderful worlds that open up through reading, and a spirited celebration of the journey each reader undertakes. Join Amanzi for a day where literature and leisure come together in a splash of celebration!

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